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the underdog favorite - an oxymoron that describes a person, or group of people that are expected to win an event simply because they have gained popularity by being a surprise contestant.

For example:
The Indianapolis Colts became the underdog favorite to win the Superbowl after defeating two heavily favoured opponents to become AFC champions.
Jennifer Hudson was kicked off of American Idol, but when on to act in "Dreamgirls" and eventually became the underdog favorite to win the award for Best Supporting Actress.
by Scott Wood - Film Critic February 26, 2007
Anti-humor is best described as a joke or image that is intended to be funny, but instead inspires anger in its witness or witnesses.

Something that is so unfunny that it pisses you off.

Talking animal jokes, America's Funniest Home Videos, the majority of humorous chain emails, and Cuba Gooding Jr. comedies are all examples of anti-humor.
I actually tried to sit down and watch an episode of Will and Grace, but I could only get through twelve seconds before the relentless attack of anti-humor pissed me off so much that I smashed my fucking television.
by Scott Wood - Film Critic February 26, 2007

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