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The well known sidekick from the donkey kong series. Although it seems he is small he can actually over power anyone at anytime. He runs the game and when hes angry, watch out, he'll throw his hat
Chuck Norris couldnt even look at diddy kong without crying.
by Scott Squires November 11, 2006
A outragously hairy vagina
Goddamn you have an afrogina, bitch. Shave that mane for god sakes.
by Scott Squires November 10, 2006
A hickory stick is what the old man used to beat his talking goat with in the adam sandler song.
The old man beat the **** out of me with his hickory stick.
by Scott Squires August 17, 2006
A rabbit-like Creature from the infamus final fantasy series. Carbuncle uses a jewel on its head to cast reflect
Damn, carbuncle I didnt know you could do that!?
by Scott Squires August 17, 2006
A bird like creature for the soul-purpose to ride from multiple of the great final fantasy games.
Kheeew KHEEEEW! Shut the fuck up chocobo!
by Scott Squires November 10, 2006
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