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One who, when advised that today is the first day of the rest of his life, replies, no, that's tomorrow.
Apparently procrastinator has to be in this sentence or this submission won't go through.
by Scott Semans November 06, 2006
Elbows to knees, and why exactly does a definition have to have 20 letters?!?!?!
Democratic position: Republicans assert that Democrats fail to take a clear position on their inititives, but every time George Bush shreds the Constitution, Democrats bend over and say, whatever you want, big boy!
by Scott Semans November 06, 2006
Wife or spouse of a collector who spends more time and money with his hobby than his spouse and family.
He used to take me out and buy me things, but since he's started collecting, I've become a coin widow.
by Scott Semans November 06, 2006

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