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A phrase meaning that something or someone is really great. Taken from the popular UK Sunday tea-time Darts based quiz show from the 80's, Bullseye.
That curry was Top Darts.
That bird I had sex with last night was Top Darts.
by Scott Ramsay April 08, 2006
An adjective than can be used when something is off lower than normal quality. It can be used to describe an act that has been carried out half heartedly or when an item is sub par. It refernces the City on the Eastern coast of Scotland and it's citizens who are generally considered lazy and stupid.
Man 1 - "I couldn't be bothered showering today so I just had a Dundee wash."

Man 2 - "What's that?"

Man 1 - "Sprayed some deodorant and put on some after shave"

Man 2 - "Swish!"
by Scott Ramsay October 16, 2006
A penis that is becoming erect.
Johnny got a creeper watching the porno.
by Scott Ramsay December 17, 2005

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