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2 definitions by Scott Maytag

a person who listens to indie/indie rock, such as "the bravery," "bloc party," "death from above 1979," and more. a lot of indie rockers like the long hair, parted on one side with sweeping bangs hairstyle. wear a variety of clothing, including tight pants, sweaters, v-neck sweaters with a collared shirt under it, indie rock band shirts, plaid pants maybe, slip on canvas shoes, or black rimmed rectangular glasses, maybe even scarves or hobo gloves. often confused with hipsters.
damn dude i went to this show and all these indie rockers showed up for mae, then left before the headliner went on.
by Scott Maytag October 27, 2007
27 13
Emo is an adjective. people who say things such as "omg you're such an EMO!" are idiots. "emo kid," "emo girl," "emo guy/boy" are correct.
"omg he's an emo!" = WRONG
"omg he's an emo kid!"= CORRECT
by Scott Maytag October 28, 2007
12 21