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Meaning that u think some ones mom is pimpin all the time she has booty and titys she is hot.
Damn nigga Joe moma's hot
by Scott Hillegass April 27, 2004
Some one who is wants to hook up with some one and fuck her cause he cant get his own girl friend so he needs to pimp on littler girls.
Hey i have never seen u in my life, we should do something sometime. SO Can we fuc know or later
by Scott Hillegass April 28, 2004
Balls taht grow out of your asshole and explode on the 10th day they are exopsed
OH NO IT IS THE 10th day of the anal sack AHHHhhhhhh
by Scott Hillegass April 26, 2004
To get all your cum sucked out and u cant bust a load
Damn my girl just gave me a empty shell and ir fell so fucking goood
by Scott Hillegass April 27, 2004
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