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The sensual art of combat intercourse.
After arguing tirelessly all day, my girlfriend and I decided to go into the bedroom and settle the matter using Fuck Fu.
by Scott Friday December 08, 2008
The (physically impossible) act of wrapping one's penis around another person's neck in order to strangle him/her. Often used jokingly as an exaggerated threat.
If you don't stop changing the radio station in my car, I'm going to cock choke you.
by Scott Friday December 10, 2008
To figure out and come to a conclusion. Usually in reference to something incredibly simple.
Guy 1: What's taking you so long?
Guy 2: I can't remember which key locks the deadbolt.
Guy 1: Well 2 & 2 that shit, I wanna hit the bars while we're young.
by Scott Friday December 10, 2008
To eat something before drinking alcohol, in an attempt to keep from getting too drunk and/or sick.
We can go to Tim's birthday party as soon as I pad the wad. I'm not going to a kegger on an empty stomach.
by Scott Friday December 10, 2008

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