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A pseudo first name for a dog
Puppins O'mally, an american eskimo dog who's name is neither Puppins or O'mally
by Scott F. Bishop December 05, 2006
An explative, which is a verbal description of the sound of shoving something up an ass, usually acompanied with a hand gesture.
That mother fucker, i'm going to vrrrt (arm swings forward with a closed fist)right up in there.

I was at the doctors he told me to bend over and then, vrrt.

by Scott F. Bishop December 05, 2006
the sound of a former child star or other washed up actor slitting their rists in an effort to escape from the horrors of the earthly world.
Dana Plato was all messed up on loods and codine living in a skanky hotel and the press just wouldn't leave her alone so VINK! that was it, killed herself right up.
by Scott F. Bishop December 11, 2006

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