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A female or male (usually gay) flight attendant who is sexually promiscuous. From combining "host" and "prostitute."
See air mattress.
Megan's such a hostitute, she finds a new man on every layover. She never even asks their first name.
by Scott Evil March 17, 2006
An enlisted sailor (E1-E6) in the US Navy, because of the white hat worn with their Navy dress uniform.
The Chief went looking for some white hats to help bring aboard stores.
by Scott Evil March 17, 2006

Somthing or an action of someone or somthing that is amazing, and or interesting. Often used in used in appreciton of the content viewed.Often the word "syck" is used in conjuction with "shit" or "ass" to allow for greater feeling of the statment.
"Damn that shit is syck."

"Check the syck ass shit out."

Also look for; Sick, Sik, Siik, sicck.
by Scott Evil November 23, 2002

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