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Classification #7: Those in denial of using :| or ;|.

Classification #8: Those that think words like pie, beans, pot noodles are random, or just use the word random at an inappropriate time.

Classification #9: These are the ones that think they have won an argument by repeating the same sentence over, and over again, usually they are in an argument because of their idiocy.

Teletard is made up by Scott & Dan from Habbo Hotel UK.
Our Habbos are;
Dan: Myndflow, Zummi, zumos etc. you'll know who he is :)
Scott: Severe, Manowar, Dainty, GunsNRoses, Evergrey and so on.
Dan: You are classified as Teletard #1 automatically for using :|
Teletard: but I dont use it!
Dan: You've used it once.
Teletard: 1nce, wow ;|!
Scott: Twice! Since your time in this room.
Teletard: oh whatever i know im not a teletard;| bye
Scott&Dan: *laugh*

Teletard: lol today i ate sum pie, yumm pie, pie is so randum
Scott: RNDM
Teletard: I fink peas r randum xD
Scott: Either disconnect your keyboard, get the fuck out of this room, or get the fuck off this hotel until you learn English correctly.
(teletard in the back): well she was random ;/
Dan: Get fucked.

Scott&Dan: Hahahaha, Teletard, type something.. possibly your favorite smiley, and insults.. and type a long sentence.
Teletard: Um ShutUp U N00b ;|
Scott&Dan: Just what we needed, you're a fucking Teletard.
Teletard: Whatever N00b ;|
Scott: Hahahahaha! twice!
Teletard: n00b ;|
Dan: Repetitive..
Teletard: Whatever ;|
Scott: Anything better to say?
Teletard: R U Both Retarded? :|
Dan: As if he's just called us retarded.
Scott: Hahaha, smell da ironi lyk.
Teletard: Whatever Ur Both Retarded I Win Bye ;|
by Scott Dainty August 27, 2006
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