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An animation series on Newgrounds.com about a virus that turns people into zombies that is spread by rain. I know this, from experience, to be one of the most horrifying things on the site. The animator has some serious talent, though.
I watched one episode of Dead Rain and didn't sleep for a month
by Scott Curtis February 08, 2004
An advanced aircraft used by the Russian army. Still in development, but several prototypes have been made. Production is scheduled to begin sometime within the next year or so, so if we become allies with Russia, lord help anyone who goes to war with us. On Ace Combat 4, the BEST and FASTEST plane on the ENTIRE GAME.
On Ace Combat, I can fly an SU-37 quite well.
by Scott Curtis February 08, 2004
My friend's friend's motto.
by Scott Curtis February 23, 2004

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