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The art of a female "freeballing" while wearing army style pants.
Timmy: Hey J, did I tell ya that your ex ol' lady
came into work the other morning late as fuck, rockn a pair of camouflage pajama bottoms, tweaked outta her got down melon?

Jason: Ha!...She did?...wtf am I saying of course the dumb bitch did...you know she from district 72 smoking that chicken bone all night.. couldn't stop to be at work on time. I'd been surprised if the whore had put on any panties bro.

Timmy: Dude, I don't think she did J, we all were staring hard too, still couldn't see that monster clam you always bitching she sports.

Jason: Well duh Timbo, you will see no show of toe when she wearing her "camel-flauge"...you know her pussy was especially beat up that night, Mmmm Ima caller
by Scott County Slummer January 06, 2014
Pipe eyed is the look and or discomfort one will have while trying to inhale and keep a sharp focus on the dope thats being smoked out of the bowl of a very short pipe or chicken bone
Doper 1: Ok there ya go hit it...no turn it a li'l bit... hit it...wait just sec. wait till it starts to smoke first then hit it...ok now...keep turning it turn turn TURN!! Damn it dude you turned the bowl black as fuck!

doper 2: Sorry yo I couldn't help it, I cant see it. The fuckin pipe is so short i get a fuckin headache trying to see the shit. Feels like I'm going goddamn pipe eyed for real.
by Scott County Slummer November 29, 2013

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