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2 definitions by Scott AH

noun. Abbreviation: Butt Fuck Egypt. A place that is far away. Most often far away from the central action of a city. In the middle of nowhere. Many times, hard to find. Syn. "the sticks"
There's a party tonight, but it's out in BFE.
We got lost and ended up in BFE.
by Scott AH May 21, 2008
noun. Abbreviation: Fresh of the Boat. Pronounced "Fahb". A person, most often of Asian descent, so new to the country that they don't understand much of Western culture and customs. Usually indicates weak command of the English language as well.
We met some hot Japanese fobs in Arcadia the other day.
That girl's nice, but she's too much of a fob for me.
by Scott AH May 21, 2008