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A reference term for when you have a booger in your nose that is clearly visibly from the outside.
This context is found in an episode of Sex and The City.
Hey buddy, you have a bat in the cave. Need a Kleenex?
by Scott November 02, 2004
The polite way to describe somthing that is "fucked up"
Jack muffed up Jason's face after Jason attempted to finger Jacks mothers asshole while she was sleeping.
by scott January 30, 2004
Aussie slang for "yes". Used by lower class Australians. Common amongst teenagers in the city of Canberra.
"Can I come with you to the candy shop?"
by Scott March 08, 2005
Laughing uncontrollably and in an obnoxious matter for no reason.. or for a reason that is pretty random. Person has been using drugs and is high.
Doug: "Dude check out that book on the table"
Scott: "hahahaha! dude! hahahahaha!"
Doug: "man, stop geeking out.."
by scott April 18, 2004
A slang word commonly used to label people whose religious and moral beliefs do not conform with popular views of homosexuality. The word implies that the person's opposition to homosexuality stems from ignorance and fear.
Supporter of Homosexuality: People who support the federal marriage amendment are just homophobes.
by Scott December 23, 2004
A Girl that you'd only fuck if you were real good and drunk.Cause otherwise it would be wrong.
Melissa would be a great drunk fuck.
by Scott May 17, 2004
An extremely trashy woman. Generally described by each of the following:
Chain Smoker
Dresses like a skank
Addicted to crack
Look! It's a drunken hosebag!
by Scott April 03, 2003

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