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Maku the strongest the best of the best
Damn your maku strong bro!!!
by Scott February 10, 2005
The act of packing a bong or boal, preferably using your thumb to cram the last bit in.
"Come on bro..thumb one up"
by Scott October 23, 2004
A term to describe a male who always wants or thinks about sex. This term describes 99% of the male species.
That brother is a walking hardon.
by scott January 30, 2004
The good old-fashioned, proven missionary-position.
I guess you gonna be hittin' the Y with that boy tonight? C'mon?
by Scott October 10, 2003
The Scottish word for a large animal that lives in the woods e.g Big Foot
-look it's a Mckirdy
-A Mckirdy has been here
-Your as big as a Mckirdy
by Scott March 20, 2005
n. the universal language spoken by all drummers, using mouth sounds to imitate sounds made by different drums
"gak" for a rimshot on a kevlar snare
by scott January 16, 2005
A combo of STD's that slutty girls have.
Dude: "Hey you should hook up with her"
Dude 2: "Hell no! That dirty bitch has gonisyphiherpilades.
by Scott January 09, 2005

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