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Acronym for Hot Slut with Tits. Plural: HSWTs. Hot sluts with tits must be hot, and have sweet tits, but do NOT have to fit the strict definition of slut (but what chick doesn't?). I.E. both your everyday drunken college hottie with quality jugs that rides every pole she sees and your best friend's faithful smokin' hot girlfriend of 3 years (with high quality jugs) are HSWTs.

Chicks must be agreed upon by a 2/3 majority (of those people that matter) as HSWTs before they can be referred to as an HSWT.
Dude, we need to get the fuck out of here if there're no HSWTs.

-I think that chick over there might qualify as a HSWT, what do you think?
-Close, but no -- she's definitely a HS, but those Ts couldn't be more than a low B-cup.
by Scott, Web, Esh May 24, 2006

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