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5 definitions by Scott Breon

The best and most intelligent people on earth
I am an agnostic because I don't think you can prove or disprove the existance of a supreme being.
by Scott Breon November 05, 2007
a damn "talent" search for divas in the WWE. It basically has a bunch of untalented sluts bidding for a contract with WWE.
Paris Hilton has about as much singing talent as a WWE Diva Search competitor has wrestling talent, which is not very much.
by Scott Breon October 15, 2007
The original "Nature Boy" in professional wrestling. A Former champ of both the NWA and WWWF (later WWF, then WWE). Was the first WWWF World Heavyweight Champion. Very much like Ric Flair in terms of style, but Flair has surpassed the original when it comes to recognization.
Buddy Rogers was years before his time
Buddy Rogers was to the 60's what Ric Flair was to the 80's
by Scott Breon October 15, 2007
President George W. Bush
George W. Bush is such a mental midget
by Scott Breon October 17, 2007
That damn Spot Monkey in the WWE
Jeff Hardy is nothing but a damn spot monkey
Take his high flying away from him and he would have jack shit. Not half the technical wrestler as his brother, Matt.
by Scott Breon October 15, 2007