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Literally 'bad luck' but used in Glasgow, Scotland, more like the American, whatever Sco. Sl.
1) your situation is unfortunate, but none of my concern.
2) your predicament is indeed sad, but outside of my control and therefore nothing to do with me.
3) While your experience has clearly been uncomfortable, it is largely self-inflicted and I have little sympathy.
4) While you may have a case for compensation you have no evidence to support your claim.
Example in speech:
Passenger: "Upon alighting your bus yesterday at this stop I tripped on the pavement. I attended hospital and although the injury is not serious, I am quite shaken by the incident."
Driver: "Nae luck"

Child: "Dad, Dad, she always gets more ice cream than me and she's only a year younger. At my friend's house he and his sister get the same amount of ice cream all the time and she's two years younger than him."
Dad: "Nae luck"
by Scotchmartin July 21, 2011

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