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When, for some or other reason, you cannot have your haircut at your usual spot and try a new place that comes highly recommended by a friend. The hair-cutting-chick/guy at this new place does a completely botched job the result of which replaces your normally 'awesome after-haircut feeling' with the desire to dismember your friend and destroy the newly visited establishment.
Troy: "Dude, what the F"

Pen-yole: "I know right... haricut... I'm gonna rip Blake a new one"
by Scorpian King February 13, 2011
The scientific term for selective hearing men experience when engaging in conversation with the opposite sex.
Bethany and Tatiyane one Saturday afternoon at the local shopping mall, in the food court, having skinny latte's

Bethany: "My husband is such a jerk, he never listens to me"

Tatiyane: "You read my mind b-girl, its like my hubby only responds when I say I'm horny or talk about my fitness instructor's really inappropriate workout attire that completely exposes her huge breasts"

Bethany: "Men are such dooshes"

Random male passer-byer: "Hi ladies, I couldn't help but over-hear your conversation. Did you know four out of every three men suffer from audio dyslexia? Your husbands are crippled by a terrible disease ladies, it's a harsh reality and your complaining isn't making it any easier for them... i'm just saying... four out of every three.."
by Scorpian King February 13, 2011

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