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4 definitions by Scorite

Expression of resignation to the profound suckness of life.
Dad got canned the day before his pension would've kicked in. I tell ya, the shit you get for crap these days.
by Scorite June 14, 2006
The science and technology of faget design, construction, and flight; the branch of engineering science that studies faget operation; the equipment of a faget.

In his spare time, John enjoys amateur fagetry.
by Scorite July 19, 2006
A computer or other electronic device of poor quality. A frustrating piece of shit that constantly malfs.
Christ on a bike, this Gateway is a real hose box.
by Scorite June 14, 2006
Depressing, loud, self-important syle of rock music and dress emerging from the depressing, loud, self-important Seattle scene of the late 1980s. Dominant from the release of Nirvana's Nevermind in 1991 until the suicide of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1994. Grunge musicians and fans seemed deeply opposed to fun, which had long attracted players and listeners to rock music. Grunge bands sounded like Goth music played by a heavy metal band stoned on Robitussin, and they stole their clothes from street junkies, many of whom were actually in Grunge bands and later died of heroin overdoses. Much of Grunge was falsely blamed on the miserable but brilliant Kurt Cobain, who thus became so depressed that he found it necessary to suck on the barrel of a shotgun. No one who had ever listened to Seattle music was surprised in the least.
Steve formed a Grunge band because he had a huge guitar amp and the fashion sense of a hobo.

When I got a job, I returned all my Grunge clothes to the Salvation Army dumpster.

I have just listened to several hours of Grunge and am trying to decide whether to hurl myself off a skyscraper, shoot myself in the head, or overdose on heroin.
by Scorite June 15, 2006