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2 definitions by Scooterams

"Drug and Disease Free." this is often found in online personals ads -- especially for casual sex.
"I am 24, 5'10", size 6, pretty, fun, non-smoker, social drinker, love to laugh. I'm looking for a man to play with. Age and weight are not important, just be taller than me, funny and DDF."
by Scooterams October 11, 2005
Al pastor fries. A Cal/Mex fast food dish consisting of a base of french fries topped with al pastor pork, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, etc. Similar to a taco salad, but with french fries as a base instead of tortilla chips. Carnitas and carne asada can also be substituted for al pastor pork.
Kelly and I went to Baldo's at 3am for some grub -- I ordered the carnitas fries and a burrito, and she got an order of APF.
by scooterams March 14, 2012