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Can be used to describe many sexual acts that involve exchanging fluids without having intercourse. (comes from the computer term where keys are exchanged in encryption)like the cleveland steamer.
"man i just got back from shannons.....talk about a good diffie hellman....the whole place was wet."

"she wouldnt fall for my famous line so i had to give her the diffie hellman and make sure she swallowed."
by Scooter May 07, 2004
1) Hairy animal featured on the childrens show Sesame street.

2) Hairy animal featured in multiple pornos.
Snuffalupagus is swinging his hairy trunk around.

Look at the size of that Snuffalupagus
by Scooter March 28, 2004

aka Biggie
I'll talk to you later, bigz
by Scooter April 22, 2003
Stands for "Why Hello There." It is then followed up by the word "buttsecks" which is Internet slang for "anal sex."

It is greatly used on the WWEGSB.
New girl: Hello, I'm new to the WWEGSB. I'm a girl!

Random noob boys: y helo thar buttsecks
by Scooter June 06, 2004
British version of shit
holy shat i'm british
by Scooter March 28, 2004
To sail in your garage.
Holy shit Bill! Look at the garage!
by Scooter August 25, 2003
The best up and coming hip-hop duo you've ever heard.
Chad Grove. Hooded Bomber. Underscore. Get Familiar.
by Scooter March 04, 2007

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