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Led By SCOOP A Group of Bad Ass Cold Hearted Pittsburgh Lovin Mothafucka's ...A.K.A Tha 412 Movement for everything inlcuding music , sport stars , gangsters , bike riders , and chapters of all sort. If your down w/ the 412 u best check us on F.B.
Man Scoop got the crew , not any crew Tha 412 Crew
#412 #crew #scoop #music #loyal
by Scoop412 April 29, 2011
The over exploding load that shoots out from your satchel ( the testicles ) that hasn't been let out for weeks.. A bukake for one ... The cream of the crotch ....The hydrant load.... The ultimate thick creamy delight for sluts and delicious treat from your cum guzzlers ... the ammo from your sac aka fuck sauce , pocket shooter !!
" I was fuckn this bitch raw and and i suddenly had the urge to explode my dumpster size satchel sauce all over her

" Her face was covered with a white oozy creamy build up of my satchel sauce , tha white nicklaloden slime "!!
#sauce #satchel #fuck #load #cream
by Scoop412 April 28, 2011
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