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A very fun and simple game.

What you do is you think of a stupid dare for your friend (or your "friend") and try to get them to do it. You do this by making them lose odds.

For example, if I said to my "friend", "Hey, odds you go up to that cute girl and lick her face like a dog?" He would then give a number, let's just say "1 in 20." On a count of 3, we would both say a number between 1 and 20 at the same time, and if it's the same number he has to go do it. It is incredibly fun if you have fun people to play it with.

Couple of side rules:
-You can't "odds" yourself (e.g. "Hey odds I go hump the teacher's desk", no, if you wanna do it yourself just go off and do it)
-The person receiving the odds is the one who decides what the odds are, not the odd-giver
-If you lose odds and decide not to do it, you shall receive one full-out slap to da face
Kid - "Hey mike, odds you ask the waiter if she's pregnant."

Mike - "Dude, our waiter's a dude."

Kid - "Don't care."

Mike - "1 in 50."

Kid - "1, 2, 3, 47!"
Mike - ".........47!"

Whole table - "Ohhhhhhhhhh!"

*Waiter comes over*

Mike - "Excuse me, I apologize for asking, but are you pregnant?"

Waiter - "Dude, I'm a dude."

Mike - "That didn't answer my question. Are you?

Waiter - "Yes."

Whole table - "OHHHHHH!!!!"

Jim - "I love odds!"

Mike - "Fuck me, right?"

Jim - "Odds you fuck me?"

Mike - "Fuck off, Jim."

Jim - "K."
by Scooby can't play Drums April 14, 2013

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