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2 definitions by Scooby Blue

Hey Shannen what did you do last night? Nothing, I just stayed home and hung out with Palmela Handerson.
by Scooby Blue June 03, 2009
When you have to think too hard about where to deposit your own semen. Or as I like to say: "When you really, really aren't sure where to put your slick little boys!".
"She told me she was on the pill, and yet I should have been wearing a condom anyway, and then she kept saying 'cum inside me!, cum inside me!'". It was quite the cumnundrum.
Example two: I started jerking off watching porn in my grandma's basement, and right before I was about to cum I ran into the bathroom for some toilet paper and I realized my grandfather was in there with diarhea. Dude, it was quite the cumnundrum.
by Scooby Blue June 08, 2009