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Logical fallacy refers to fallacious reasoning, or in other more simpler terms, a fallacy in an logical argument. There are many logical fallacies and some examples are below:
Ad hominem ~ argument to the man. You attack a person verbally as opposed to their argument (i.e a person attack).
Straw man argument ~ setting an argument up and knocking it down, called a straw man because it's based on a misconception of the argument proposed to you (normally done purposely).
Argument from authority ~ when you call upon a higher body (i.e a government, a community, someone with credentials) to support your claim (i.e "Stephen Hawking is an atheist and that therefore makes atheism correct because Hawking is an intelligent man!"). Has no place in science as the personal views of an individual are meaningless.
Argument from numbers ~ refers to using the number of supporters for something to support the claim (i.e "Billions of people smoke! It's acceptable!").
No true Scotsman fallacy ~ logical fallacy used when someone holds that someone isn't a member of (insert group here) because it doesn't adhere to their personal view (i.e "Stalin and Mao weren't atheists because they were elitists and in my world-view, atheists can't be elitists!").
Moving the goalposts ~ logical fallacy used when someone attempts to shift their argument to something else when their original one is knocked down or when evidence is presented and it's dismissed with new evidence demanded (i.e "I don't care that you just provided me with a list of scientists who claim to believe in God as I originally asked you, prove to me that they aren't lying!").
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 12, 2014
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Refers to a group of Christians. Fellowship refers to a group with the same ideals, interests and/or goals so a Christian fellowship would be composed of Christians sharing similar ideals.
David is part of a Christian Fellowship and regularly meets up with his Christian mates once a week to discuss The Bible.
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 12, 2014
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The Crusades refers to the wars of the 11th-13th centuries in The Holy Land (Middle East) that were fought between Christians and Muslims. Contrary to the definitions on here clearly written by atheists ignorant of history and with a grudge against religion, these "holy" wars were initiated in response to forceful spread of the Seljuk turks who were expanding their empire with force attacking the Byzantine empire. In the year 637 (long before the crusades) Jerusalem actually belonged to the Byzantine empire before one of the companions of Muhammad (Abu Ubaidah) continued Muhammad's military campaign and led an army against Jerusalem capturing it. The Crusades were simply the long delayed response to this Jihad of the Muslims.

However, Ubaidah was respectful to the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 637 and didn't accept his invitation to pray in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for fear that his followers would later tear it down and turn in into a Mosque because he had prayed in there. Due to that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has continued to stand as a Christian temple since. Meanwhile the Temple on the Mount was built in place of debris and rubble that had not been cleared since the sacking of the original temple by the Romans. Also the Byzantines were the remnants of the Roman Empire who had conquered Jerusalem from the Jews centuries ago but that wasn't for religious reasons either. The result is that the crusades were never a war of religion but of land and politics.
The Jews (led by King David) took Jerusalem from the Jebusites.
The Romans took Jerusalem from the Jews.
The Muslims took Jerusalem from the Byzantine empire (the successors of the Roman empire).
The Crusaders took Jerusalem from the Muslims and didn't return it to the Byzantines as promised and instead kept it for themselves.
The retreat of the Crusaders after two centuries allowed the Muslims to take back Jerusalem.
Nowadays Israelis and Palestinians dispute who owns Jerusalem and war still occurs in the Middle East once again for land (and apparently oil).

The Crusades were often seen as religious holy wars but they were pseudo-religious with the main motivation being land, power and money. Crusaders simply fought they were fighting for God and the Church yearned them on. In truth they were fighting for rich nobles and it's no different from today's wars. Atheists really should take some history lessons.
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 15, 2014
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Most atheists are Christophobic for their irrational fear and hatred of religion, religious people, crosses and Jesus Christ (just mentioning his name drives many of them on emotional rants). Many of these atheist idiots are hypocrites who are against the bullying of gays and atheists but espouse Biphobia (which is discrimination against bisexual people which is exhibited in many gay people) and discrimination against religious people.
Jack the gay atheist was Christophobic and blindly believed in nonscientific ideals such as naturalism and abiogenesis. Jack was an atheist idiot.
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 09, 2014
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Describes many atheist idiots who think that Christians are inhuman monsters, racists, misogynists, and homophobes. In actuality, the atheists turn out to be the ones who are racist, misogynist (as they're often religiously opposed to feminism which is the second most subject they talk about with religion being the first) and while not homophobes, many of them espouse biphobia.
It's clear that many atheists are christophobes due to their literal fear of religion, Christ (the actual word as the name drives many of them on emotional rants) and crucifixes (which they seek to remove from wherever they see them). This means that many of them are mentally ill as a phobia is a mental problem.
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 09, 2014
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Should be called the irrational response squad for their misunderstanding of philosophy, metaphysics, theology and the scientific principle of causality as well as their use of ad hominem attacks, arguments from ignorance, arguments from authority and constant use of straw man arguments.
The "Rational response squad" are irrational for their advocation of debunked concepts such as abiogenesis and the steady state theory.
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 12, 2014
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Satire site that backfired on the atheist idiot who made it. Many atheists being gullible and buying the lies of people like Richard Dawkins actually believe that the fundamentalist crap on there represent all Christians. Many of the people who fool for the site as being serious are actually atheist.
Christwire backfired on atheists exposing them for the fucktards that they are.
by Scientificlightdiscovery January 11, 2014
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