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Losely affiliated group of "The Church of Scientology" reformers. The freezone was formed because there is value in the core technology (or"Tech") and procedures contained within the original works by author L.Ron Hubbard.

The current management of the Church of Scientology should not be confused with the procedures of Scientology as originally discussed and written about.

1982-1986 saw major changes within the church including management positions rearrangement and alterations of the tech. Around the time of the founders death (1986),there was a mass exodus and excommunication of high level practioners.

The freezone is a community of groups who still practice scientology but choose to do so outside of the auspises of the authoritarian church and it's current management. Many freezoner's were there in the beginning and are highly trained.

The freezone is a place where one can discover and practice scientology without the fear and control exercised by current Church of Scientology management. Freezone Scientology helps one to improve their life through it's counseling methods as originally written by Ron Hubbard.

Scientology as a subject is misunderstood my most people partly due to the current church's policies. The Church of Scientology is highly litigious and dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Public critisism of the church is dangerous. The current Church has spied upon,investigated,followed,dug up dirt, threatened and sued public detractors.

However, the books written before 1982 provide all the information one needs to have a grasp upon the subject. One does not need to join the church or the freezone to benefit. Books like "self analysis" even its current edition is very benificial to anyone who uses it's procedures. It alone is superior to all forms of phychoanalysis,phychology, and pretty much anything is superior to phychiatry.

If the current "Church" management were to follow its own rules, then it would be the safe and highly valuable to all mankind.

I believe in scientology therapy, but I don't agree with authoritarian practices, therfore I am a freezoner.
by ScienoRat July 18, 2006

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