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9 definitions by Schymmla

To cum all over the place when watching a nasty video of people dying or other grotesque forms of violence.
he had a goregasm when jonny got his arm ripped off
by schymmla February 13, 2003
137 46
Gheyfagz are the dumb fucks who click "recommend for deletion" on pretty much every post with a swear word in it...

aka, a bunch of bible bashing dickheads.

take your complaining somwhere else.

fuck fuck fuck<--

Gheyfagz - "uhh delete it my mom will spank me if she catches me, swearing is bad, santa will rape me if i swear"
by Schymmla July 14, 2004
46 25
a cock, or a dick. A penile shaft/erector/gland or even "shaft"
stop poking me with ur bangstick
by schymmla February 12, 2003
36 17
1)someone who looks like a hobo and is usualy of greek descent

2)someone who puts mayonaise on his salami

3) a fascist, and a racist and a nazi all mixed into one...
*Odd helGAY gaksioyer puts mayo on his salami sandwich

"yo, that so durt!, your such a durtmaster"
by schymmla July 07, 2004
16 3
Someone whos only thoughts in their mind is about 1)sex 2) boobs 3) spraying their cum on ugly hoes 4) someone who is generally gross and is a Dirt Dawg
No one wants to hear about ur GF u dirt dawg
by schymmla February 12, 2003
22 9
A certain breed of South Korean. Fatty acids have the ability to scream at astronomical levels. (can even shatter glass, rupture anal glands e.t.c)

Also have the ability to remain very calm is extremely stressful situations..

uses the word "GAY" alot!
*The Great Fatty Acid is caught with a stolen car by the police - "This is so GAY!
by schymmla June 17, 2004
13 5
Adj: To call someone a dumb norwegian, To insult someone from norway
God such a findus fisk and sauca
by schymmla February 11, 2003
10 4