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1. Despite treating your car oh so well, bathing it, regular oil changes, filling up the tires, avoiding the potholes - it still demands so much from you and uses you until you finally realize that you've been Friendcar'd. But you can't leave. Because you're a nice person.

2. Combination of the words "Friendzone" and "Car"
Ex. 1: "Dude, this car sucks up so much of my money. I give it so much love and affection but I still can't get it to run properly. I've been Friendcar'd."

Ex. 2: Samantha: "Oh my gosh Becky, I did that duckface thing, signed up for Snapchat, showed some cleavage but that car still doesn't run properly. I've been Friendcar'd".

Becky: "Are you sure you're talking about a car? I'm almost 75% positive cars don't run on boobs."
by Schwinn1008 June 09, 2013
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