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A slang term for a males weenie/pee-pee. Can be substituted with words like junk, shaft, johnson, tally-whacker or schlong.

The history of the word can be traced back to Athens Drive High School student Taylor Carey.

Deriving from the Latin word of "Schwing" meaning "Great"
"Yo! Sarah just kicked a ball right into Mike's schwing schwong."

"What's wrong Tommy?"
"I just went to go take a leak and I got my schwing schwong caught in my zipper.""
"Ouch, I hate zipper malfunctions"

"Dude, what happend to John? Why's he on the ground?"
"Chris and I just pulled the pool table prank on him, and he got hit right in the schwing schwong"
*Fist Bump*

"Alright guys where do you want to go off to lunch?"
"Wait here comes Kevin, open the back door"
"Yo, what just happened?"
"Matt opened the door right into Kevin's schwing schwong"
by SchwingSchwongByah December 24, 2010
A person who jumps into the back of a car to go off campus for lunch with you, but doesn't talk to the driver first.

This type of person also screws up any pre-planned lunches by taking up a seat or “bucket” in the vehicle. This messes up the number of people originally walking to the car by adding an unknown extra person to sneak a ride in the vehicle. Most of the time the driver is too nice and polite to kick the bucket jockey out of the seat, because it is guaranteed to be a socially awkward confrontation. This results in a quiet and uncomfortable car ride to and from lunch. This word was coined by Taylor Carey and other students from Athens Drive High School.
johnny french - “wow really? that bucket jockey just jacked my bucket”

ridiculous nicholas - “oh word, well then kick him out”

johnny french - “naw man, that’ll be mad awkward”

ridiculous nicholas - “wait, doesn’t he have his own car, shouldn’t he drive himself”

bucket jockey - ...*chirp chirp*

Next example:
cole - “yo we going to Bo’s today?”

tcarey - “yeah chief, hop in my car”

cole - “oh shoot you already got like four bucket jockeys in there”
by SchwingSchwongByah January 25, 2011
- Noun - A student who runs to the high school parking lot and uninvitedly jumps into the car of other students going to lunch.

The Lunch Vulch circles his or her prey, and quickly patrols the parking lot trying to to jump into any vehicle he or she can find.

They runs up to a car that is driving off to lunch and say "Got room for one more?"

If the Lunch Vulch is successful, he or she will create an awkward lunch for the entire group and will throw off the original number of students that planed on riding in that particular vehicle.

The Lunch Vulch preys on the nice, and take advantage of students who are too polite to tell them to "GET OUT OF THE CAR, IM NOT TAKING YOU OFF FOR LUNCH"

In the extreme cases, the "Lunch Vulch" is already in/at your car, classifying them as a "Bucket Jockey"

The only know defense seems to be having a member of the opposite gender in the vehicle before the Lunch Vulch swoops in for an attack.

They often fly in packs. Be careful out there soldier.

This word was coined by Taylor Carey and other students from Athens Drive High School.
Eric - "Yo we gotta go! We gotta get out the the parking lot first and beat the Lunch Vulch"

P-Mace - "OH CRAP, RUN"

Garrett - "C'MON GUYS"

(Students sprint out to parking lot)

(They arrive at lunch too late and the Lunch Vulch is already on patrol, cars are speeding past him/her, tires are squealing as people flee in panic)

Eric - "We're SCREWED"

Lunch Vulch - "Got room for one more?"

TCarey - "Quick find some chick! Thats the Lunch Vulch's kryptonite"

But it was too late, and an awkward lunch soon followed.
by SchwingSchwongByah October 09, 2011
That little orgasm you have when you stretch every muscle in your body at the same time.
Often a Stretch Attack starts from a yawn and ends up making you raise your arms, stand on your tip toes, and scream.
Loosh: The other night I thought I was walking in on John and his girlfriend having sex. However, I soon came to discover upon further investigation, that my roommate John was in fact conceiving a Stretch Attack.
by SchwingSchwongByah May 02, 2013
When a guy gets his tally wacker caught in the zipper of his pants.
yo dave whats wrong?

i was just taking a leak when i got a text and my phone vibrated. it surprised me and i zipped up too fast and caught my schwing schwong in my fly

damn, thats gotta hurt, i hate zipper malfunctions
by schwingschwongbyah April 23, 2011

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