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4 definitions by Schuyler The Liar

fucking a pregnant slut, who's carrying another man's baby.
typical guy: how far along are you?
prego slut: 8 1/2 months.
typical guy: wow! can i take the mound?
prego slut: i thought you'd never ask.
by Schuyler The Liar October 04, 2010
2 0
with one or two fingers on the inside of your partner's cheek (like a fish-hook), and immediately following oral sex or intercourse, pull out your dick and blast your seed into the nostrils and eyeballs of your partner. he or she will duck and dive to protect their face from your dick juice. just like a pissed off marlin on a big fucking hook.
i gave my girlfriend a salty marlin, and she nearly took my goddamn arm off.
by Schuyler The Liar June 10, 2009
4 3
a condescending way to describe a socially bankrupt residence or situation, resulting in the following behavior. after some safe-sex with a less desirable, discard your used condom into the tramp's spent orifice and leave quickly.
bro, that girl's house was disgusting! she had, fuckin', old phonebooks and kittens everywhere. i mean, yeah i fucked her, but i finished fast, hit the coat check, and bounced.
by Schuyler The Liar October 03, 2010
4 5
unprotected sex with a pregnant slut, who's carrying another man's baby, and cumming inside her.
Todd: how'd it go last night?
Steve: stopped by this girl's house, pitched a no hitter.
Todd: a "no hitter?"
Steve: yeah, i slung a pint of my pearl jam into a stupid pregnant bitch.
by Schuyler The Liar October 04, 2010
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