4 definitions by SchmuckyTheCat

old school Roland sequencer like the 303
Everybody gettin’ down, make no mistake. Nothing sounds quite like an 808
by SchmuckyTheCat May 08, 2003
sex. Ancient euphemism for sex used around the Seattle area.
Dick and Jane are taking a long lunch. They are going to Tukwila.
by SchmuckyTheCat August 05, 2007
A resident of Seattle. Used often by those who think "Seattle-ite" is too many syllables and cacaphonous.
1. As a greeting to a group: 'Sup Seagros.
2. Meeting your neighbour: Yo my Seagro.
by SchmuckyTheCat May 14, 2005
As an adjective "Cypress Hill" means crazy, insane, lunacy. Cuz they wrote that song "Insane in the Membrane"
Playa: No man, I ditched that bitch. She was all Cypress Hill. I don't need that.
by SchmuckyTheCat September 28, 2005

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