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To acquire discreet information from a person who has drank too much, and later use it against him.
I'm gonna boozemail Todd to do my homework, since he told me blitzed last night that he fooled around with Brian at Choir Camp in the 9th grade.
by Schmerzquelle February 05, 2009
Male music that whines and is overly in touch with it's own feelings, yet was somehow recorded before any member of the band "Bright Eyes" was born. (Comes from the prefix pre- and Emo)
"Man, I don't mind Bruce Hornsby, but sometimes he's got a little prEmo going on."
"Chicago was a prEmo band that paved the way for all kinds of super sensitive dark haired coke skinny kids to sing today."
by Schmerzquelle July 26, 2009
A useful word that not only describes an individual's (usually female) background as southeast asian, and the typical size of people from said area.
You know Lee's girlfriend, the Thainy girl.
by Schmerzquelle July 15, 2009

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