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3 definitions by SchloobingQueen

tubing with 3 or more matching tubes, where tricks are pulled by seasoned professionals :-) such as, triple barrel rolls, quadhops, and jumps that clear over 10 feet.
google schloobing, or search for it on youtube. A guy who went schloobing only about 3 weeks ago put together a pretty amazing video of it. Another one to come soon.
by SchloobingQueen August 14, 2008
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a trick invented in the course of Schloobing where four of the five riders on matching tubes all jump over the first rider.
To complete a quadhop, the one guy drags in the water and anchors his tube right beside the wake. Then on the next corner by the boat, all the remaining riders come and jump over him, resulting in crazy wild cheering...
by SchloobingQueen August 14, 2008
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The verb form of the word- Schloobing

To go tubing behind a wakeboard boat with 3 or more matching tubes and pull massive air and amazing tricks. Invented/ originated (we think) on our lake in the Muskokas.
google schloobing, or look for it on youtube. There's a video a guy made 3 weeks ago that pretty much shows what it is!
by SchloobingQueen August 14, 2008
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