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A person who believes they are a genius, and then labels eveyone else as idiots.
Jack is such a gidiot.
by schlongo December 30, 2012
While performing cunnilingus, the vagina is blown into, loading it up with a pocket of air. The performing party then grabs the woman's ankles and separates them in a manner resembling holding the handle bars of a low-rider motorcycle. The resulting queefs resemble the sound of a chopper.

Additionally, the ankles can be twisted for that extra bit of immersion.
Dom's mom loves the west coast chopper. Especially from Nick.
by Schlongo December 28, 2004
Dayum, bitch, can't you speak ubonics?
by Schlongo April 29, 2005
Horizontal scars over the wrists left by unsuccessful suicide attempts. Refers to the tendency Emo kids have to commit suicide in response to insignificant problems, e.g. their parents or a breakup.
Look at the emo lines on him, what a weirdo
by Schlongo January 07, 2005
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