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n.- a sissy and unfair move used in the sport of ultimate fighting; this move can hurt the opponents foot tremendously and will limit their mobility for the entire match. A fighter who uses this move may be considered a bova, ass, or dick.
Announcer: "And Mir has Jorge on the fence of the octagon, and...ooooo...foot stomp....ouch!"
Television viewer at home: "What a bova! Who does a foot stomp?!?! That sissy should learn how to punch!"
by Schleigz August 07, 2008
Little is known about Boucher Syndrome and its sources, but the condition is proven to create constant urges to smile, grin, giggle, or laugh at the most random of times. Other side effects may include some loss of short term memory, increase in appetite for junk foods such as cookies, and/or minor unexplainable "space outs" for time periods of up to 5-10 minutes. The syndrome can be contagious when one's presence around the syndrome is constant or unreasonably close in range.
Zach: "What is she smiling about?"
Ben: "I don't know, but she's been staring into space for quite some time now...wonder what's wrong with her?"
Zach: "I heard she has Boucher Syndrome."
Ben: "That explains it...now don't get too close!"
by Schleigz August 07, 2008

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