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A cookie making company that brags its homemade and unique recipe cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats, and other baked goods. Only found in some states (generally in the south) and are JIZZTASTICAL. They are also a billion calories each, with millions of grams of fat, sugar, and sodium. Taste amazing, are supersized, but often cause immediate acne (always, when mixed with stress) within 24 hours of injestion.
Dude, what happened to you... you look like you've been living off of fast food for a year!

Yeah, friend sent me Selma's Cookies basket..

by SchizoidMan December 09, 2010
Food that gives you ACNE
wtf happened to cindy?

she broke up with tom and has been eating nothing but acne food for the past week
by SchizoidMan February 22, 2011

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