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Spinchat is a website where bipolar virgins with mental illness try to meet girls who put pictures of models from google images as their profile pictures. Now a good 90 percent of the girls on spinchat are 50 year old men who tuck their fat into their sweatpants. Besides the great shemale population on spinchat it also offers many trolls. Most of these trolls were sexually abused when they were younger. There are however the few respectable trolls. Aside from that if you're favorite game happens to be minecraft and you're into watching gay porn I suggest Spinchat is the right place for you.
Example 1:

Guy 1: hey dude let's go on spinchat and make girl accounts

Guy 2: Yeah we should maybe we can find some lesbians that will date us.

Example 2:

Troll: (I'm a 35 year old virgin and I'm mad) :( Goes in *attack mode* "Hey you guys are fags my life is so much better than yours"

Example 3:

RegisteredSexOffender: Damn no one ever wants to hang out with me because I'm an old and ugly fat pervert. I guess I should make a spinchat.
by Schitz December 31, 2012

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