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The literal death of the brain, brought about by severence of the spinal cord or any major brain damage. There is argument as to whether or not brain death constitutes real death as some minor signs of life may still be seen, though the patient typically can't live without a respirator after brain death.
Marla is now brain dead.
#death #coma #respirator #life #the end
by Schismrobo December 19, 2007
A person who doesn't wash their hands after doing number 2. Also associated with anal fingercourse.
Why wouldn't he wash his hands after taking a shit? Friggin fecal fingers...
#pingers #shit hands #crap fingers #fingercourse #shit
by Schismrobo December 18, 2007
A softened alternative to loser typically used on game shows. Though more politically correct, it generally ends up sounding condescending.
Alex Trebek:...and let's hear it for today's non-winners.
#loser #consolation prize #game show #game #you lose
by Schismrobo February 10, 2008
When your computer or email address is infected with virus or flooding spam as a result of porn websites you subscribe to.

Cyber VD is a very common form of disease, being that ninety per cent of internet searches are pornography related anyway.
#cyber #venereal #disease #porn #doom
by Schismrobo December 13, 2008
to insert your penis into a vagina or to put it back into your pants
I couldn't rightly sheathe the sword after I'd been handcuffed so the policeman gladly obliged.
#pants #pantaloons #sheath #cock #sword
by Schismrobo January 17, 2008
The act of rapidly thrusting your penis between someone's fat folds, resulting in orgasm.
I gave her a good fat fuck.
#fat #fuck #blubber fuck #blub fuck #fuckfat
by Schismrobo April 12, 2008
What's left over if someone hasn't efficiently wiped their ass.
I was licking this chick up and down the other day, but I got to her ass and she still had pudding in the pot. I put the kaibosh on our relationship right then and there.
#kaibosh #shit #ass #inefficent wipe #so very tired
by Schismrobo April 01, 2008
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