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A branch of the military that's full of cool guys that'll fuck you up if you try to fight them.
While Marine Corps may have cool guys, they'll fuck you up. Don't fight Marines.
by Schillster September 13, 2005
Much like Buddhism, but praticed by people who aren't monks. All you need to be a lay buddhist is to follow the eight fold path and agree to Buddha's teachings.
Lay Buddhism is Buddhism for the common man. I'd be a lay buddhist, but meditation is really hard, props to Jordan for being a Lay Buddhist.
#buddhism #buddhist #buddha #siddhartha gautama #gautama
by Schillster September 24, 2005
A phrase utter by people who don't know what they're talking about, when they are mad at someone. Often used by black men with speech impediments when talking to football players.
When the left tackle messed up on the 22 iso, the coach said "Whadja do wrong that time?"
by Schillster September 13, 2005
It doesn't exist.

Has anyone you know ever been to Antarctica? Case in point.
#ice #unicorn #three toed platypi #female orgasm #buffalo wing
by Schillster February 03, 2006
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