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1. Crazy, awesome person.

"Stupid Scherny"
by Scherme June 03, 2003
1. n. Person who does not fear, and has great willforce.

2. n. an idol, someone to look up to.

3. v. something you do to impress someone.
" Man that kid could be a somton"

by Scherme June 13, 2003
1. A terrible disease in which a person has tried to dice up and cook his show laces to use as a "snuffing" substance. Resulting in severe brain damage, the person begins to make little people out of paper clips and clothes-pins.

2. A very strange person usually goin by the name of "Paul-tor" but not always.

"What a fucking show lace."
"Let's Kill the SHOE-LACE!!!"
by Scherme June 03, 2003
1. The act of muffeling a woman while she reaches orgasm for any reason, and trying not to get caught by her/your parents.
" I stuck my tongue down her throat to bottle that slut"
by Scherme June 03, 2003
n. 1.Another word for 'Hitler'.
2. A person who dictates a classroom; one who is anal-retentive.
3. A "Tight-Ass"
"Let's kill Beauregard!"
by Scherme June 03, 2003

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