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a woman who can;t sing for her life, and can KILL a person by screeching in that way that she does when she sings,yet had really good songs; dancing dumbass
SNL, doing the ashlee simpson hoe-down
by Schergan October 16, 2005
An awesome pianist who writes and composes her own music, and is a "real" artist, but truthfully, she should really just be part of an emo rock band, because her lyrics are jsut oh-so depressing and will make someone want to kill this girl for making them feel so down.
"There's nothing you can do, someone gently says to you "the doctor says that now it won't be long", i try and live up to the moment, hope that i dont blow it, what is it in me that she hears? Its just the song she likes, her little arms around my neck, and a dying girl whispers in my ears..."- Vanessa carlton, Annie
by Schergan October 16, 2005

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