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A renowned Renaissance genius from Florence revered for his wondrous works, including the bronze David. In present times, we know Donatello as the effervescent YMer who happens to be a very skilled writer, as is exemplified in the letter she wrote to her parents as she has been attending Catholic school. A natural beauty, her honesty has helped me (or at least I hope so) improve my Internet etiquette.
Whenever I need some blunt, foolproof therapy, I suppose I'll turn to Donatello and adopt her philosophies.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
If you're an old history teacher, you'll know Michelangeloas the versatile artist whose prowess challenges that of Leonardo Da Vinci. Also, as an old history teacher, you'd know that Michelangelo died at the hallowed age of 88. Hopefully our beloved YMer, Michelangelo will live to be just as old, or older. From the looks of it, she's carefree, has a big heart, and is the girl you'd think about when hearing the country song "Stand by Your Man."
It's a must to learn how to be frisky and seventeen. Deprived as I am, I think Michelangelo can help me in that department.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
The epitome of natural radiance and sincere confidence. A lover of life and a diligent worker whose labors result in benefiting her peers, along with herself. In a storybook, she would be the benevolent fairy who shelters the downtrodden under the branches of a weeping willow. Though quirky, she can be taken seriously, trusted to give some worthwhile advice.
Thanks to MetalLace, I know longer feel abnormal for falling in love with fictional characters.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
An exotic beauty whose elusiveness puts the actual land of Hollywood to shame. A dedicated aficionado of fashion, _Hollywood also has kind ears, willing to listen to the daily trifles of troubled young women. Her vibrant personality and chic charisma are surely valued contributions to the cultural mosaic we call Planet Earth.
You know that bench in front of the shop _Hollywood works at? Well, one day, when my home gets foreclosed and my car gets repossessed, I hope to sleep on that bench in hopes that she'll telepathically recognize me.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
An endangered species famed for her night prowling and incomparable dancing skills. SecondCircle is a creature of self-assertion, a being who has compelled me to pull that stick out of my ass and learn to value people regardless of their divergent lifestyles. Life is short, and SecondCircle has shown us that following your instincts does lead to unalienable joy.
I feel pity for the cat lady next door. She should go searching for a SecondCircle.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
The woman I aspire to be. The woman who kicks Elle Woods' ass when it comes to pulling off a Playboy Bunny outfit. The woman who journeys far and wide. The woman who puts up with her misery and continues walking on despite the budding blisters on her sensitive heels. Not only do I aspire to be her, but I want BridgetJones to be my sister in law.
Brother, I have a woman for you. Her name is BridgetJones.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
Sitting at the kitchen table choking on my Cheerios, I remember being eight years old and watching on the news the rampant chaos in Kosovo. You can say that I xHeard_the_Worldx, meaning that I actually found my heart and learned to show compassion for the friendless and endangered. When someone says he or she xHeard_the_Worldx, I think of someone being slapped across the face by a higher power, commanded to become righteous vigilantes on a mission to slaughter the ugly.
Forget the United Nations. Let's here more about xHeard_the_Worldx.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
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