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Emo (Short for Emotional hardcore) is mostly miss understood and is pretty over rated by many ppl, so what if emo's are emotional so is every over fucker in this god forsaken world as well as emo's alone so get over it. At least the genre of emo comes from a decent background in which its foremost creation is closely related to and has had inspiration coming from the punk genre the one thing that changed rock forever during the 70's. Emo is just another newer version of punk thats not as hardcore but has a more emotional attachment to its type of style and genre of music And emo replaces the old romantics that were originally the emo's of there time look it up). Yeah ok I'll give it to ppl that most emo ppl will try and over rate themselves with things that are emotionally tied to them when of course they really don't have nothing wrong with them at all but believe me some ppl that r emo do have problems other than cutting there wrists which i stereotyping, which is a form of attack on young generations style because and certain twat doesn't understand what an emo is or whatever have u. But enough of the chatter and bull this is my definition if u dn't like it then u know u must really be a chav or an ignorant tosser with nothing better to do with his/ or hers time.
Thickened makeup mostly different coloured hair, normally black, a massive side fringe, piercings depending on how hardcore u r and an extravagant choose in music as well s emo and other hardcore bands woot and at least there not a chav
by Scene kid November 02, 2007

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