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A person, who frequently takes large amounts of GHB or GBL and behaves in an un-coordinated manner. Frequently falls over, passes out, loses articles of clothing, loses control over bladder control and stomach contents. Loves the G, is always looking for more G. G whores are oblivious to the scene they make and are likely to try to simulate sex or attempt to have sex with a person or persons, vegetable/s or inanimate objects. G whores have been found to be masturbating in public places including (but not limited) to ally ways in Melbourne and are usually found outside of nightclubs which they have just been dejected from (possibly because they have lost the ability to stand/ walk).
"Did u see that person passed out in the street?" "What a g whore"

"What was wrong with that guy? " " Oh he's just a G whore"

"That girl looked so juicey, she's such a g whore"
by Scattered August 22, 2009
Adjective for a person expriencing the effects of GHB/GBL.
"Look how juciey that girl is."

"That guy was so juciey, did u c him passed out?"
by scattered August 24, 2009

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