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A cereal for ghetto, black people. Looks like Fruity Pebbles but with ghetto shapes in it.
Bob: Hey dude, have you tried that new cereal Ghetto Pebbles?
Billy: No. Is it any good?
Bob: Hell yeah! I feel so ghetto and black when I eat it though!
by ScaryPizzaVagina May 12, 2010
A person so ugly that they look like a chicken and a worm.
Angie: Hey do you see that person over there?

Karen: Yeah, what about her?

Angie: She looks like a major Chicken Worm!
by ScaryPizzaVagina December 15, 2009
A dirty vagina worse than a blue waffle. Looks like an actually pizza.
Kevin: I bet you that girl has a Scary Pizza.
James: Want me to go ask her?
Kevin: Yes.
James: Do you have a Scary Pizza?
Ashley: Yes, I do. Wanna lick?
by ScaryPizzaVagina August 08, 2011
When you shit dookie balls on a girl and you set the dookie balls on fire.
Josh: Can I give you Mexican Fireflies?
Shanaynay: What's that?
Josh: Oh, it's nothing. I'm just gonna shit on you and set it on fire.
Shanaynay: ...........Yummy.
by ScaryPizzaVagina August 08, 2011
When someone is trolling at the fridge, eating all the food.
Ashley: -opens fridge. Y NO CARROTS?
Kevin: Stop fridge trolling, you cow!
by ScaryPizzaVagina August 08, 2011
The biggest bitch of all on Myspace that collects rares, and thinks she's the best thing in the world! She also hacks people and says its other people. Fucking hyprocrite!
George: Hey did you hear about Mileyopoplis?

Hannah: Yeah what about her?

George: She totally hacked someone and then blamed it on someone else! What a bitch!

Hannah: Omg, I know right? Damn..
by ScaryPizzaVagina December 13, 2009
A ghetto black guy's name that is often confused with trashcan.

Pronounced: (Trashawn)
Lane: Have you seen that new kid Trashc'an?
Angie: No. What kind of name is that?
Lane: A ghetto, black one.
by ScaryPizzaVagina May 12, 2010
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