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2 definitions by ScaryJim

a melkshamism - bake the bean - to make and smoke weed . Used as code .Also used to mean that you are leaving or want to leave .
shall we bake the bean?
if you have weed this probably means you are suggesting going somewhere to skin up - if you don't it probably means you want to leave the present surroundings
by ScaryJim December 09, 2004
A melksham-ism used amongst a small west country group of teens in the late 90's - use has continued and is yet to surface in popular culture , other words are also used in conjunction , barbanum bear, gurnhard shurnhard, bake the bean .. all mean everything and nothing except bake the bean which will be explained on it's own .
barbanum as a greeting - 'barbanum!'
barbanum as a profanity 'fucking barbanum!!!'
as an indication of understated non commital happiness 'barbanum bear'
by ScaryJim December 09, 2004