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1.the Hockey State
2.Land of 10,000 lakes
3.God's little Weather Experiment
4. The Supirior State (Lake Supirior Also Wisconsin and Michegan)
5. the Bane of the Packer fans exisitance
1. ever hear of the Miracle on Ice. Damn right
2. actually its more like 20,0000 or something...
3. what do you mean its snowing in March??
4 welcome to the Farthest west Supririor State
5 Me:(carrying a Crow bar) Hi i'm from Minnesota
Packer Fan:(whimpering) DONT HURT ME!
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
1.the Cafinated Beverage that has a slightly larger Caffeine content than Pepsi and a Slightly lower Sugar content than Pepsi
2. the reason why Polar Bears are seen as 'cute'
1. no really coke has more Caffeine
2. oh look at those cute lil Bears drink from those little bottles, OH SO CUTE!!eleven
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
1. Big red dude that lives in hell
2. Marlyn Manson's Bestest buddy
3. daddy of the Antichrist
4. Recreational Killer that likes to use Satanism in a situation
1. Hello all welcome to hell please get in line for your torture
2. Marlyn you look great in that Camisole
4. Cop1: we have a Satan down at the Warehouse sexually toturing women
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
An annoying British Game that is no more than a Chat room where you can Move around a Room.
...what a load of shit.
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
1.Tenth Level of School Hell. in this level students are turned against one another and forced to Argue points in politics Religion and whatever else the devil running it can think of.
2.Short term Slang for Modern Problems
1. I beheld a white horse upon it rode Modern Problems And all hell followed
2. you go to MoPro? I pity you man...
by Scary Terry April 09, 2005
A Downright Disturbing (in a good way) type of Manga/Anime which used to (due to Censorship laws) Featured Tentacled Creatures Raping and Molesting Nubile Females
1. ...where the fuck did you get that Hentai Shit...
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
1.The latin Language of the Internet (dead language)
2. Exclamation Cool neat
3. Positive description of a Person
1. he can speak Leet...
2. Thats so fucking Leet
3. he's so damn leet
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005

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