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Since Bush, Sr., every U.S. President has vowed to get rid of Saddam. Why, then did it take us so long to actually get the task accomplished? Well the answer actually lies in several factors. First of all Saddam continued to make threats which were never taken seriously until after 9/11. Until then it was belived that Saddam was a threat, but because there had never really been any devastating occurences Saddam was not at the top of the priority list of any president other than Bush, Jr.. Once 9/11 happened, however, every threat that was recieved was immediately taken seriously, including those that were made by Saddam. Therefore if any other president had been in office when 9/11 happened then it would have been he who eventually took out Saddam, not Bush, Jr.
despite a deteriorating budget circumstance, the president and congressional republicans have actively worked this year t make things worse and further widen future deficts. The centerpiece of this year's deficit was the president's proposal for a new round of tax cuts that, like the 2001 tax cuts, provided some relief for middle class families but targeted the bulk of the benifits to the wealthiest taxpayers.
by Scarry Pothead December 27, 2004

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