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A word of my own invention,it's now often used at the school where I work (I'm a pupil.)

This word replaces the word bastard
in a sentence.
Used becuase it has alot more meaning behind it,
it's short for 'Spazzy turd.'

It also has less vulgar connotations than 'bastard'(your less likely to get told off for saying it in school)
,even though in theory, it should be even more offensive, becuase 'bastard' doesn't have any meaning
whilst the meaning of spazzturd is always the same.
1:Can I borrow 10 quid?
1:Oh please I really need it!
2:No I don't have any money with me.
2:no! get your own money you little spazzturd!
by Scarlo-hara February 06, 2008
1.Of great magnitude.

2.In media (books, films ect) it means something very emotional in a non-pathetic manner.

3.Something very kickass

4.Any or all of the above combined.
def 1- "Epic fail!"

def 2-
"Hey did you see that channel 2 special last night? it was freaking epic!"

def 3-
"Check out those epic snowboard moves!"
by Scarlo-hara December 20, 2008
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